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Welcome to CENTER

Our mission at CENTER Health & Performance is to provide individualized health care that is
focused on identifying the root cause of symptoms. It is our goal to help people IN A DEEPER WAY than traditional care,
to free innate energy and intelligence, allowing clients to achieve optimal health and performance.


Are you
experiencing anxiety or depression? Is your child unable to focus or concentrate?

Digestive Health

Are you sidelined
by food or environmental allergies? Weird skin conditions? Stomach aches, candida, bloating?

Pain Relief

Are you suffering from pain due to a trauma, injury, or surgery?

Immune Health

Do you want to enjoy life,
even with an autoimmune diagnosis or chronic condition?

At CENTER, we resolve the most challenging health conditions by customizing care with cutting edge therapies

We use natural, neurological, non-prescriptive, results-driven techniques to resolve anxiety, depression, autoimmune conditions, endocrine imbalance,  hormone imbalance, focus and concentration issues, chronic and acute pain, sleep issues, thyroid imbalance, sports injuries, nutritional deficiencies, detoxification, and more.

Watch Dr. Buhler speak about the AMIT method

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Leading the way to long-term health with these therapies:

pemf therapy
nutrition therapy
qnrt therapy
focused detoxification therapy
metabolic testing therapy
neurotherapy therapy

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We begin with a comprehensive evaluation and craft a customized plan
outlining the best course of action for the most efficient results.
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