Dr. Molly Brown is a holistic doctor in Ketchum, Idaho. She blends an effective, unique, and progressive combination of techniques and therapies to achieve efficient results in her practice. Dr. Molly has a passion for natural healing and health that shines bright. She works deeply and confidently with her clients to achieve their goals. Her level of intelligence and dedication leads her clients to success time and time again.

Dr. Molly specializes in techniques that uncover the root cause of pain, immune conditions, hormone and sleep imbalance, skin conditions, anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances, and so much more. She employs powerful methods that allow the body to heal naturally and safely. All methods used by Molly are natural and non-prescriptive.

Molly owns GLOW, a plant-based, organic cafe opened in 2008, through which she leads seasonal group cleanses and offers individualized meal plans and lifestyle support. Her work reflects her passion for consciousness, spirituality, and natural health.

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Clinic Staff

Mariah Kashino, LPC

Mariah Kashino is a licensed and board-certified mental health counselor practicing in Idaho’s beautiful Wood River Valley. In addition to psychotherapy, Mariah has been a student of both neuroscience and natural medicine and works to integrate all three disciplines in her practice. Following undergraduate training in psychology, chemistry, and biology, Mariah worked in the Department of Neuroscience Research at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, studying the genetics of Alzheimer’s disease.

In addition to a master’s degree in mental health counseling, Mariah is also a trauma informed therapist trained in EMDR, Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy (QNRT), and Quantum Neurofeedback Therapy. Each of these neurologically based modalities augment her psychotherapy practice and provide opportunities to work deeply and effectively with a variety of client needs.

Mariah’s approach to therapy is holistic, integrative, and client centered. Her warm, collaborative, and empathetic style furthers her ability to understand the varied interests and unique needs of her clients.

Megan Guthmiller

Megan Guthmiller was an AMIT and QNRT client of Dr. Molly for two years before joining her as an AMIT assistant in January 2022. Megan was referred to Molly to solve recurring hip and kidney issues that she had been suffering from for 3+ years. Within 8 visits, the pain was resolved!

Megan now loves being able to help others find the same relief in a holistic way. In July 2022, Megan completed an advanced AMIT workshop alongside Molly and some of the most experienced AMIT practitioners in the states. Her work as a personal trainer is complementary to AMIT as she sees great results with clients who utilize both services. (Megan is also certified in CryoSkin treatments).

As a Certified Trainer, Megan has provided personalized and small group coaching to help adults regain physical freedom from the United States to the Middle East where she lived for 6 years.

Megan invests heavily in seeking out the best programs for each competency she’s looking to personally develop, as well as apply to her work. Her movement research has taken her to more than 20 countries. Megan’s expertise lies in preparing, mobilizing, and strengthening the body to preserve and enhance health as we age. She brings a worldly experience that transforms into the confidence to take on new challenges in life.

Megan had never stepped foot in Idaho before relocating to Sun Valley. Adventuring towards an uncertain outcome allows her to live through a lens of possibility, with a sense of humor, and to build a tolerance for adversity. With her rescue dog, Agi, constantly by her side, Megan has found herself walking her talk. Some of her greatest challenges face her on a mountainside or in a cold river. Outside of the Center you can catch Megan at PeakFit gym in Hailey, or online through her podcast “Lost AF Wellness”.

Emma Jensen

Emma Jensen can be found at the front desk of Center Health & Performance, offering a warm welcome, scheduling appointments, answering questions, and generally making certain each client’s unique needs are met while keeping the clinic running smoothly. With a passion for natural healing, health and nutrition, Emma is excited to be offering Cryoskin treatments. In the future, she hopes to further her knowledge and obtain a degree in the holistic health/nutrition field.

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