PAIN: A Different Approach

It seems that most people are walking around in pain each and every day. Each year, I see younger and younger kids in pain, injured, or unable to complete even their high school careers.

The Power of Health

For me, the quarantine was a time to reassess, be with my family, and delve deeper into many personal practices and professional reorganization.

The Physiology of Performance

What does it take to be at our top performance, not only “in our zone” physically, but with a balanced endocrine and nervous system, with well-nourished, mineralized, and hydrated tissues and balanced, engaged, and strong muscles.

Train Your Brain

Wellness doesn’t just come from a good diet and regular exercise. In this article, Molly Brown, PhD, DNM, explains the powerful connection our brains have to our overall well-being and how finding neurological balance can be life-changing.

Cleansing: A Path to Lasting Health

Path to Lasting Health

By Dr. Molly Brown, PhD, D.N.M

The process of cleansing is one I know well. In 2005, searching for comprehensive changes in health, suffering from autoimmune with no answers, and having a complete and total lack of energy, I took a leap of faith and headed down to a retreat center to participate in a seven-day spiritual juice fast. I am a terrible faster, have a hard time with it, and felt like I was going to die during days 1-5. I perked up a bit on the last two days. Not only did I not die, it changed my life from the inside out, reorganizing my mental, spiritual, and physical bodies and accelerating me to the best health of my life, a previously unimaginable level of mental clarity, and a quest for deep spiritual connection.

Cleansing can be a regular part of a yearly routine that adds a lot to our lives. There are good and bad cleanses, and appropriate and inappropriate therapies to support cleanses. A good cleanse will support your nervous system, clear inflammation, and lighten the load on the digestive system and every system of the body. This process leads to incredible mental clarity and increased awareness and intuition. If you can stay present and patient with the process, the rewards can be great. If you haven’t cleansed or fasted on a deep level, it’s difficult to explain the deep energy and joy that can be gained through the process.

Cleansing can be achieved in different ways. A basic cleanse is a “whole 30” cleanse, eating plant-based whole foods for 30 days, emphasizing liquid nutrition, balanced meals, pressed juices, and blended soups. These can be very effective and a good start to experiencing what gentle cleansing and lifestyle changes can do for you.
Our GLOW cleanses, called “GLOW transformations,” offer 5- or 10-day options of plant-based superfoods and live food nutrition, liquid nutrition, and an option for 1, 3, or 5 days of juice fasting. These cleanses can be life-changing, and we have people come in from all over the country in the spring and fall to participate in these group cleanses (see our website for spring 2020 dates). An advanced cleansing option would be a 5- or 7-day juice fast, best done on retreat and in a contained setting, emphasizing supportive therapies, meditation, yoga, and other support.

I truly feel that it’s important to cleanse 1-2 times per year, every year, to stay on track with personal health goals, tune in to your own body, and reset on many levels. I make it a priority for myself, and am never disappointed.

Some supportive recommended therapies while cleansing are: dry skin brushing to move the lymph system, tongue scraping, coconut oil pulling, colonics, specific supplements, resting, infrared sauna on a low level, yoga and rebounding. Specific herbs and condiments while fasting to be added to juices and teas are:

SALT: helps hydrate and re-mineralize the body

CAYENNE: stimulates circulation, cleanses the digestive tract, stimulates digestion, boost immunity

TURMERIC: powerful antioxidant, beneficial for the liver and skin, helps lower LDL cholesterol level, aids digestion

LEMON JUICE: antiseptic, antifungal, antimicrobial; boosts immune system, breaks down mucus, stimulates gallbladder and liver, improves mineral absorption, promotes peristalsis, alleviates intestinal gas, bloating, pain, and flatulence

GINGER: anti-inflammatory, promotes circulation, boost the immune system, aids in digestion

Process of Cleansing

Cleansing regularly and periodically can help the body clear out the immense load of environmental toxins that accumulate in our tissues and organs. The body’s filters are the liver, lungs, kidneys, colon, and skin. Most of these toxins can’t be filtered and are therefore stored in our bowels, brains, livers, and kidneys, interrupting normal detoxification procedures and affecting behavior and mood.

Cleansing eliminates the toxicity and congestion from the body and lets the internal organs breathe, the cells hydrate and intake and eliminate efficiently, and can tune up the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies for several months, if not longer. Cleansing gives lasting results of well-being, a more efficient metabolism, and optimal weight. The common symptoms of toxic overload are:

  • Low energy/fatigue
  • Poor concentration/memory
  • Strong food cravings
  • Depression
  • Digestive problems
  • Aches and pains
  • Sugar/caffeine/alcohol/drug dependence
  • Frequent illness
  • Excess weight
  • Disease

The goal of cleansing is to bring back vitality, energy, happiness, and radiance. Regular cleansing, when done properly, 1-2 times/year, allows you to move toward this optimal expression of health, to a state of well-being you’ve maybe never before experienced.

An incredible fact of cleansing is that by clearing out cellular inflammation, your assimilation improves by 10-80 percent. That means getting more nutrients from eating less food and achieving optimal weight. That is why cleansing often gives lasting results, clearing physical, emotional attachments to food, sugar, caffeine, etc. and a more efficient metabolism.

I would be remiss to not mention my favorite adjunct cleansing therapies. We have incredible practitioners in our valley, and some of my favorites to specifically support the cleansing process include: Cynthia Dwyer at CLEANSE colon hydrotherapy, Carrie Sietz Douglas at Wild Rejuvenation ayurvedic therapies, Shawn Colvin for lymph cupping and craniosacral work, Shannon Orr, Maya Burrell, and Joe Schultz for bodywork, and Heidi Hanselman for abdominal massage. At GLOW we include Pulsed Magnetic Therapy for our cleansers to energize the system and support detoxification.

Cleansing typically leads to an amazing mental clarity and physical lightness that leaves you feeling creative and inspired. Awareness increases around negative patterns and foods/situations/people that don’t make you feel your best. Cleansing is a deeply empowering process, allowing you to take charge of your health and well-being.

Molly Brown’s cutting-edge health advice presents effective and holistic methods to keep us healthy and at our best all year long. Learn about how cleansing can make a difference as a recharge and connection for optimal health and wellness.

Dr. Molly Brown, PhD, D.N.M owns CENTER health & performance and GLOW cafe in Ketchum, Idaho. Specializing in sleep, endocrine issues, autoimmune, anxiety, depression, detoxification, and pain and sports injury through many different modalities including: QNRT, PEMF, AMIT method, neurotherapy, and REALMS metabolic testing, Molly passionately holds space for limitless healing.

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    Holiday Immunity

    Holiday Immunity

    It’s right about this time of year when people flock in to GLOW for immune support. In fact, right around December 21, the shortest day of the year, everyone in our town seems to be sick.