PAIN: A Different Approach

By Dr. Molly Brown, PhD, D.N.M

It seems that most people are walking around in pain each and every day. Each year, I see younger and younger kids in pain, injured, or unable to complete even their high school careers. In 2010, 4.7 million knee replacements were done in the U.S., and 2.5 million hip replacements. With these statistics, anything we can do to prevent injury, mineralize the joints, and oxygenate the tissues to prevent arthritis, imbalance, and future injury is invaluable. There are two modalities I use in my clinic for natural, comprehensive, and effective pain relief that offer real solutions for the prevention of injury or pain due to injury, surgery, or degeneration. These two methods are the AMIT method and PEMF therapy. 

Dr. Buhler so brilliantly explains the degeneration process: “Once a muscle is inhibited, it can no longer contract in a normal way. The pain centers fire co protect the tissue and normal muscle contraction is limited and painful. The inhibition remains for years after the injury has healed. The more the muscle is stressed, the more the pain increases. This means the injured person begins to walk and run differently to protect the foot. This will eventually lead to knee, hip, and low back pain or injury.” 

The AMIT method is two-point couch work that combines lymphatic, neurovascular, acupuncture, fascia! release, muscle origin/insertion, neurological, organ/ glandular, as well as nutrition, to correct “turned-off” muscles instantly. The process takes 5-10 minutes, and particularly acute injuries such as sprained ankles can be corrected nearly immediately. There are no missed days with a sprained ankle. This method is my go-to method for pain, injury, post-surgery healing, and more. The muscles are the display units of the body, and in this way, the area of pain can lead us to quickly pinpoint which muscle needs to be corrected and prioritize the most efficient plan of action with the method. 

Pulsed Magnetic Therapy, or PEMF, is another game-changer. I use PEMF therapy for fractures, inflammation, or swelling as well as wound healing, autoimmune conditions, osteopenia, osteoporosis, arthritis, and more. Pulsed magnetic therapy delivers a quick, magnetic (not electric) pulse to every cell in the body. PEMF therapy oxygenates tissues, clears inflammation, corrects cellular polarity, energizes cells, and is like a “battery charger” for the body. PEMF therapy has been used for decades and is well researched in clinics all over the world. I typically see that it speeds the healing process up to 10 times. I have seen fractures and wounds heal in a matter of three to six sessions. 

It is important to address the nutritional component of pain as well. A well­mineralized and hydrated body is essential. Some of the most effective supplements I use for pain relief and inflammation are gentle mineral and electrolyte supplements, typically with a humic/fulvic base for high assimilation and bioavailability. Depending on the person and their individual presentation, I also use very specific enzyme support for pain and inflammation as well as other basic nutritional supplements that may be applicable for depletion. 

Pain is the body sending signals to us that there is an issue in that area. It should not be stopped with pain medications or cortisol injections, as this does not solve the root cause of the problem; it simply masks it. By correcting the inhibited muscle, oxygenating and energizing the tissues and cells, and mineralizing the tissues, pain can often be resolved in an amazingly quick and efficient way.

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