At CENTER, we resolve the most challenging health conditions
by customizing care with cutting edge therapies

Mitch Gutches is a plumbing and radiant heat contractor who dislocated his shoulder. After two weeks of AMIT work, Mitch’s shoulder was completely healed with full strength and range of motion.

Ashlyn Brown is an accomplished ice skater who injured her foot badly while playing with friends. After a series of AMIT and PEMF treatments, Ashlyn is back to skating, fully healed, and performing better than ever.


Heather Haubrich is an accomplished equestrian who had stopped competing due to knee pain and was told she would need double knee replacement surgery. After trying AMIT, she is out of pain and back to competing!

Porter Gingrich is a soccer player who injured his ankle during a game. After one AMIT appointment, Porter was out of pain and able to walk, and run, normally.


Sydney L is a personal chef who suffered with candida symptoms for 15 years. Using QNRT and a few targeted supplements, Sydney is now symptom free.

Caroline Aicale suffered with chronic digestion issues for over 20 years. After 1 QNRT treatment her symptoms were gone.



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