The Power of Health

By Dr. Molly Brown, PhD, D.N.M

For me, the quarantine was a time to reassess, be with my family, and delve deeper into many personal practices and professional reorganization. Quarantine comes from the word forty, which also signifies deep personal and spiritual transformation-individually and collectively. I do believe that this is a turning point for all of us on many levels. A lot of things are being revealed, and while the shake-up is difficult, I do believe, ultimately, that we will increase awareness, strength, and resilience. While this time is incredibly stressful, my hope is that our community is ultimately resilient in both the short and long term. Part of what makes us unique is that we feel safe here. I think as many people cancel international travel, we could have quite a busy summer with second homeowners and locals, happy to be here in the outdoors. 

My message remains stronger than ever: to make health and resilient immunity mainstream. Organic food, hydration, mineralization, and a healthy nervous and endocrine system can allow us all to be resilient. We have been and always will be exposed to viral and bacterial activity, and we can all have a direct impact on the outcome of our health by eating healthy and being healthy. Not just when we’re sick, but every day. There are incredible cools for health and resilience. It is in our power to improve and maintain our health. People are powerful. During the quarantine, I regrouped, reorganized, re­systemized, and accomplished quite a bit. At GLOW, we improved our systems, menu, recipes, interior, and much more. Having a break allowed our staff to improve and create an organization chat feels better than ever. We ended the quarantine with quite a large cleanse group. Our cleanses are incredible transformations for people, allowing them to feel inspired, clear, and healthy. It was a great way to end a stressful time by spreading joy and inspired health. 


At my clinic, we saw very positive outcomes for any type of sickness with individualized protocols. More than anything, I hope we end this time by seeing people feel strong and empowered, and not fearful, threatened, or negative. My hope is a chat we have all learned to rely on our community, connect with those we haven’t for strength and support, and work collaboratively as a community, respecting people’s experiences and insights while allowing for our own individual experiences as well. 


Dr. Molly Brown, Ph.D., DNM owns CENTER health & performance and GLOW in Ketchum, Idaho. Molly uses a multifaceted natural and non-prescriptive approach through QNRT, Neurotherapy, pulsed magnetic therapy, AMIT method, metabolic testing, and nutrition, far incredible results with autoimmune, sleep, anxiety, and depression, endocrine balance, pain, sports injury, and detoxification. Molly passionately holds space for limitless healing.

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