At CENTER, we resolve the most challenging health conditions
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QNRT and Neurotherapy

Using QNRT and neurotherapy, sleep disturbance and insomnia is effectively treated. Learn more about QNRT here.

EEG & Neurological Evaluation

We start brain based work with an EEG intake and full neurological evaluation. We then quickly assess the brain, pinpoint unbalanced brain wave activity, and emotional stress and trauma and begin to balance the brain, nervous system and endocrine system.

PEMF Therapy Treatment

PEMF therapy & AMIT Method

Using PEMF therapy, the AMIT method, and neurological reset, these techniques offer unparalleled results for sports injury, pain, and performance. Learn more about the AMIT method here.



We work effectively and confidently with even the toughest of cases to clear autoimmune conditions.

Focus Concentration

The combination of neurotherapy (brain training) using audio and visual training and neurofeedback with QNRT, greatly improves focus and concentration. The American Academy of Pediatrics recognizes Neurotherapy as being as effective (and we would argue more effective) than medication. Learn more here.

Nutrition Detox

Evaluating cellular metabolism and metabolic activity gives great insight into inflammatory conditions and optimal functioning. We also lead individualized cleanses through GLOW, through which we craft plant-based, organic, and lectin-free protocols.

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