At CENTER, we resolve the most challenging health conditions
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Using QNRT and neurotherapy, we treat immune issues acute and chronic, endocrine system, nervous system, sleep, anxiety, depression, generational stresses, and unexplained conditions. Read more about QNRT here.

EEG & Neurotherapy

We start brain based work with an EEG intake and full neurological evaluation. We then objectively assess the brain patterns, pinpoint unbalanced brain wave activity, and train the brain to decrease stress and increase cognitive performance and efficiency


PEMF therapy increases cellular energy, speeds healing, clears inflammation, increases bone density, and decreases pain. Excellent post surgery, injury, and with autoimmune.


For pain, injury, trauma, and sports performance our go to method is AMIT work. By instantly engaging muscles that have been inhibited, we get immediate and efficient results.


Working with focused detoxification, cleansing, fasting, and dietary changes, Molly understands nutrition from a spiritual, physiological, and holistic perspective to craft a plan that works for the indiviidual. In partnership with GLOW, she can craft individualized meal plans and cleanses.


Using REAMS metabolic testing we achieve results with kidney, adrenals, and pancreatic disregulation.

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